The Queen

Eldis Sula
July 26, 2019 - 2:15 pm
It feels like Mick Jagger is no normal man. The Rolling Stones frontman is a rock and roll legend who has constantly turned heads throughout his nearly six decade career. Even the granting of his knighthood wasn’t without controversy, with the Queen, who he once called “Chief Witch,” skipping out...
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July 11, 2019 - 8:16 am
In a security breach of royal proportions, an intruder broke into Buckingham Palace last night while the Queen slept inside, merely feet away. The infiltrator, a 22-year-old man, managed to break in by climbing the fence in front of the royal home. The man roamed the palace grounds and banged on...
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April 08, 2019 - 1:40 pm
When you’re part of the British royal family, having a baby, as Meghan Markle is surely finding out, is a complicated affair. Here are some royal traditions that might get an update with the soon-to-be mom and dad.
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