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Mottek On Money (August 3rd, 2019)

Saturday, August 3rd
An eventful week for the global economy. Stocks pull back from record highs and take the biggest weekly dip of 2019. Escalating trade tensions between the U.S...

Mottek On Money (July 27th, 2019)

Saturday, July 27th
Stocks rally to record highs ahead of the Fed's next policy setting meeting at which the Fed is expected to lower its benchmark short term interest rate for...

Mottek On Money (July 20th, 2019)

Monday, July 22nd
Stocks pull back slightly from record highs on the latest earnings news, signals from the Fed and rising tensions in the Persian Gulf. Dr. Mohamed El-Erian,...

Mottek On Money (July 13th, 2019)

Sunday, July 14th
The stock market blasts off to new heights. Fed signals that lower interest rates are ahead provided the rocket fuel to financial markets. Special...

Mottek On Money (July 6th, 2019)

Saturday, July 6th
Stocks rack up record highs ahead of the Fourth of July holiday break. Art Hogan, Chief Market Strategist, National Securities tracks the latest record run up...

Mottek On Money (June 29th, 2019)

Sunday, June 30th
Best of Southern California's entrepreneurs are celebrated at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for Greater Los Angeles. Tech, media, and health care are...