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Mottek On Money (January 11th, 2020)

Saturday, January 11th
Stocks extend a record shattering New Year's rally sending the Dow above 29,000 for the first time. Financial markets were briefly spooked after the U.S. and...

Mottek On Money (January 4th, 2020)

Saturday, January 4th
Happy New Year! A roaring start to 2020 for the stock market continuing the record shattering 2019 rally. Stocks hit new highs on the first day of trading in...

Mottek On Money (December 28th, 2019)

Saturday, December 28th
Here comes Santa Claus... Big year end rally continues sending stocks to record highs and the SP 500 within reach of its best year since 1997. A look back at...

Mottek On Money (December 21st, 2019)

Saturday, December 21st
Stocks rally to record highs on the latest readings on the economy, consumer confidence and trade deal optimism despite impeachment drama in Washington. The...

Mottek On Money (December 14th, 2019)

Saturday, December 14th
The U.S. and China announce a "phase one" trade deal which includes the U.S. dropping plans to impose new tariffs on $160B of Chinese imports beginning...

Mottek On Money (December 7th, 2019)

Saturday, December 7th
Successful entrepreneurs tell their awesome success stories on a Special Edition of Mottek On Money. Betty Porto, co-owner of Porto's Bakeries and Cafe, tells...