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Mottek On Money (November 16th, 2019)

Saturday, November 16th
Stocks rally to record highs with the Dow closing above 28,000 for the first time. Markets cheered reports of progress in the latest push for a U.S. trade deal...

Mottek On Money (November 9th, 2019)

Saturday, November 9th
Stocks pop to new highs capping off a record shattering week. Better than expected earnings news and continued optimism on US China trade fueled the latest...

Mottek On Money (November 2nd, 2019)

Saturday, November 2nd
Stocks rally to record highs on a better than expected October jobs report showing employers added 128,000 jobs and the unemployment rate ticked slightly...

Mottek On Money (October 26th, 2019)

Saturday, October 26th
Stocks touch record highs on the latest earnings news and positive signals on the phase one U.S. China trade deal. Famed Wharton Business School Economist...

Mottek On Money (October 19th, 2019)

Saturday, October 19th
Stocks cheer the latest earnings news and the phase one deal in U.S. China trade talks. China's economic quarterly growth rate hits the lowest in 26 years...

Mottek On Money (October 12th, 2019)

Saturday, October 12th
Stocks rally on the outcome of the latest round of US China trade talks which produced what President Trump called "a substantial phase one deal. Under the...