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Lorraine Hendricks Stewart

Wednesday, September 11th
An animal sanctuary in Los Angeles County has become the 'forever home' for aging, abused, and neglected animals. It's run by our KNX Hero of the Week, who...

Chris Dunn

Thursday, September 5th
California is home to more than 1.7 million military veterans, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. For many, finding a job in the private sector...

Aramis Verano

Thursday, August 29th
A young boy from Riverside County has written and published a book to help kids deal with bullying. This week's KNX Hero of the Week shows us all that you can...

Chelsie Hill

Thursday, August 22nd
More than five million people in America have some degree of paralysis. It can be devastating, not just physically, but emotionally. Our KNX Hero of the Week...

Max Cheng

Thursday, August 15th
Giving sight to those in the dark. Our KNX Hero of the Week is an optometrist from Los Angeles, who is helping people around the world see again. "Ninety...

Nichol Whiteman

Thursday, August 8th
Changing young people's lives in Southern California one pitch at a time. Our KNX Hero of the Week is using America's favorite past-time to help shape a...