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Michelle Davis

Friday, January 24th
It's estimated that over a million teenagers in the United States live with a disability. Our KNX Hero of the Week spends her day helping some of those teens...
lucy santana

Lucy Santana

Thursday, January 16th
The recent "Me Too" movement highlighted the importance of women having the courage and strength to stand up for themselves, openly and freely. Our KNX Hero of...
Dan Taguchi

Dan Taguchi

Tuesday, January 7th
Music can be healing. Our KNX Hero of the Week is a long-time Los Angeles County musician who is warming the hearts of seniors through music from an era long...
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DOV Cohen

Thursday, December 19th
The holiday season can be a difficult time of year for the hundreds of thousands of United States military veterans who spend it in V.A. hospitals. Our KNX...
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Kymberly Hirst

Thursday, December 12th
Entering the workforce after graduation can be tough. But it's often harder for a person who has a disability. That's where our KNX Hero of the Week steps in,...