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KNX InDepth (September 6, 2019)

Friday, September 6th
It was used to shield the owners of the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic from financial ruin. And now, this same law--that dates back before the US Civil War......

KNX InDepth (September 5, 2019)

Thursday, September 5th
There's a 21-year-old man in a Northern California hospital right now in a coma due to acute respiratory failure, and he shares one common behavior with dozens...

KNX InDepth (September 4, 2019)

Wednesday, September 4th
Administrators at USC had claimed they were victims of the college admission cheating scandal that saw rich parents bribe their kids' ways into several elite...

KNX InDepth (September 3, 2019)

Tuesday, September 3rd
Every day charter boats for sight seeing, whale watching, fishing and diving leave from harbors in L.A., Ventura and Santa Barbara counties...........they go...

KNX InDepth (August 30, 2019)

Friday, August 30th
Hurricane Dorian is doing its best to ruin the Labor Day weekend for millions of people across Florida, and beyond. The slow moving storm is building up...