Your text messages, ripe for the hacking--Black Friday, Cyber Monday ain't what they used to be--Start panicking: possible french fry shortage in the making

KNX In Depth
Monday, December 2nd
I send you a text.  You send me a text back.  It's just between the two of us. Right? Wrong. Turns out there is a database of millions of text messages....all of which can be gotten to by hackers.

Are the concepts of "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" totally outdated in the 21st century shopping world?  With online shopping deals starting in November and

A cruise ship has been forced to turn around and head back to the Port of Los Angeles not once, but twice within a week over fears of a Norovirus outbreak on board: how one little bug combined with some bad hygiene could ruin your vacation, and your week.

And , is the world about to experience something it may never have experienced before?  Something so shocking that people may talk about it for years to come: Could we about to have----a shortage of french fries??????