Worry spreads over new coronavirus from China--Environmentalists fear new rules could lead to more dirty water--Trump administration tries to stop "birth tourism"

KNX In Depth
Thursday, January 23rd
China is taking drastic steps to try to stop the new coronavirus that's now spreading beyond China's borders. At least three cities with a combined population of 18 million people have been effectively closed. No one is allowed to leave. 

This comes as the World Health Organization decided not to declare this a global health emergency---at least not yet. But it was a close call with the panel divided almost 50-50 on the matter. Is this virus something we really should worry about? Does it have the potential to become a deadly pandemic? 

The Trump administration is lifting some water protections as it nears completion on one of its most far-reaching environmental rollbacks. It scales back which waterways qualify for protection against pollution and development. What will the short and long-term impacts of this be? 

Birth tourism is a thing. Many women will come to the U.S. to visit with the intention of having a baby on American soil so the baby automatically becomes a U.S. citizen. The Trump administration is trying to make it harder to for women to do that. Will it work? Are there loopholes that be exploited? 

Maybe Mars really did have life.