Will "Parasite" break Hollywood's glass ceiling on foreign language films--Is China's military in possession of your social security #--Do we really have to keep testing parallel parking for drivers licenses?!

KNX In Depth
Monday, February 10th
The Oscars made some history last night--even as it now seems that not many people were watching it happen.

"Parasite," the movie about class tensions from South Korea, became the first foreign language film to win the "best picture" Oscar.  Both award shows and American audiences have been historically reluctant about embracing films with subtitles, but could Parasite finally break that Hollywood glass ceiling?  

Four members of China's military were behind the massive hack of credit reporting agency Equifax back in 2017, that according to the Department of Justice.  So why is China's army interested in learning YOUR personal information?

Voters in New Hampshire head to the polls tomorrow, and after the debacle in Iowa, this should give a better picture of the front runners in the Democratic presidential nomination race.

Turns out that smaller chickens are the secret to the success of chicken sandwiches at fast food restaurants like Chick-fil-A---but there's a shortage of those smaller chickens, which could mean problems with your lunch.

And the parallel parking portion of the drivers license test is just about everyone's worst nightmare, and Nevada just got rid of it.  Should California curb parallel parking tests, for good?