While the NBA & NHL play out their seasons in bubbles, relatively COVID-free, Major League Baseball's season teeters on the brink

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Friday, July 31st
The NHL and NBA restarted their seasons this week; both leagues chose to set up shop in so-called bubbles:  players and coaches are isolated from the public, all games are played in the same arena.  So far, so good for the two leagues, with only a very small number of people getting infected with coronavirus.  Major League Baseball, however, chose to go a very different route.

MLB teams are traveling between cities and have much looser rules governing the movement of their players.  Just a week into the season, the consequences of baseball's decision are clear:  dozens of infected players, lots of canceled games and an entire season in jeopardy.

Dr. Zachary Binney is an epidemiologist & professor of data sciences at Emory University