We're literally falling and crashing over our cell phones--Florida family lays a pungent trap for porch pirates--Impeachment about to get very real for Trump, Congress

KNX In Depth
Thursday, December 5th
Almost all of us walk.....and drive.......with our faces buried in our cell phones.  So then it's probably not a surprise that, at increasing rates, doctors are literally having to extract those cell phones from our faces!  Cell-phone related injuries, most them related to either walking or driving while texting, are spiking.

It's not a surprise to hear that the roads and highways in California are among the worst in the nation, but are things really this bad?! A new survey of the worst places to drive, which combines road quality, highway death rates and commute times is dominated by California cities.

A list of the most popular baby names for boys in 2019 have some of the usual suspects on there.........Liam, Noah, Jackson.......but for the first time ever, the name "Mohammed" is now the 10th most popular.

Nancy Pelosi gave her formal blessing to drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump, as we enter the next phases of the impeachment saga:  but has anyone, and will anyone, actually change their minds about the conduct of the president?

And a couple from Florida, sick of having their packages stolen off of their front porch, plant a stinky surprise for thieves.