Warfare comes to Mexico's streets......chaos comes for the Real ID......recall comes for baby powder......and Facebook WON'T be coming for fake news

KNX In Depth
Friday, October 18th
The scene could've been mistaken for a town in Syria or Kabul, Afghanistan but the heavy machine gun fire and explosions were happening in a town in Sinaloa, Mexico. The Mexican Army was outgunned and out-maneuvered by drug cartel militias, we will go in depth......If you thought the Real ID distribution process was a mess before, just wait until next year........Ready or not, here comes Brexit.  Maybe........For years there have been concerns about the safety of talcum-based baby powder, and today Johnson & Johnson finally launched a voluntary recall of its very popular baby powder; should you yank it out of your medicine cabinet?.........And Mark Zuckerberg wraps himself in the 1st Amendment to justify what will be Facebook's "hands off" approach on policing inflammatory and outright false political content on its platform.