Two different shootings at U.S. bases, two different sets of issues for the American military--plus, the flu makes an unwelcome early arrival

KNX In Depth
Friday, December 6th
The flu season is off to an unusually aggressive and early start.  And  one strain being blamed for lots of early flu cases.  Will your flu shot work this year?

Hundreds of millions of dollars on anti-smoking education and decades of effort.........and still, today's teens continue to try cigarettes and chewing tobacco.  One-third of teenagers in a CDC survey admit to recently using a tobacco where did all of that effort go wrong?

Two shootings this week on U.S. military bases leave us with two different issues to confront:

Are active duty service members getting the mental health support they need?  And are the foreign military officers that come to train on U.S. bases by the thousands a threat to the American soldiers training them?

And lots of UC professors are earning good money on off-campus side gigs........why that's a really bad thing for conflict of interest concerns in lots of important public research.