Trump tries his hand at Middle East peace-making---Coronavirus screening coming to an airport near you---TMZ & KNX wrestle over the ethics of reporting Kobe Bryant's death

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, January 28th
President Trump has labeled his administration's plan for forging long elusive peace between Israelis and Palestinians as the only realistic solution for two-state peace in the Middle East.

But in reality, the president's plan is likely dead on arrival since it sides heavily with Israel and pretty much shuts out the Palestinians.  Does the plan have any chance at success, and at the very least could it be a jumping off point for meaningful negotiations? 

If you're flying into a major U.S. airport from out of the country over the next few weeks, you'll likely be greeted by CDC screeners as the agency steps up its monitoring of coronavirus--will it work to keep the virus out?

As fans of Kobe Bryant continue to grieve over the legendary Laker abrupt death, there are two fallout stories that we're following:

first, a Washington Post reporter was suspended by her paper after she Tweeted out a story on the rape allegation against Kobe shortly after his death.

And TMZ has caught all kinds of criticism from law enforcement agencies after it rushed to confirm that Kobe and his daughter were on that crashed helicopter, before police had a chance to notify the Bryant family.  We'll talk to TMZ's founder Harvey Levin.