Trump making lots of $'s off of his own Secret Service protection--Californians lagging REAL bad on getting their REAL ID's--Is there any hope for a coronavirus?

KNX In Depth
Friday, February 7th
While the state's DMV shouldered much of the blame for poor planning and execution for months of delays in getting the updated identification cards out to people, now it's Californians themselves who get some heat because they're simply taking their time........too much getting their Real ID's.  A deadline is looming, and so is disaster.

Since Secret Service agents have spent the bulk of their weekends guarding President Trump at a Trump resort property over the last three years.......and since the President is still in control of his own'd think he might cut taxpayers a break.  Quite the opposite:  Secret Service agents are being charged $650-a-night to stay at Mar a Lago.

It hit a balmy 65-degrees in the sleepy Trinity Peninsula, which ordinarily wouldn't really be news.  One small problem, however:  the Trinity Peninsula is in Antarctica, and 65-degree weather in Antarctica is unheard of--we'll go in depth.

A pair of bankruptcies for two milk producers is sounding alarms on the entire dairy industry:  is old fashioned milk headed for the back of a milk carton?