Is Trump hiding a health issue? Should we rethink active shooter drills? Is an electric SUV really a Mustang? And should vegans expect plant-based purity?

KNX In Depth
Monday, November 18th
It's the weekend.  The President of the United States is whisked off to Walter Reed Medical Center. Nothing on his schedule. Seems a surprise. The White House insists all is OK. Just a routine checkup. Really?.......Sixteen seconds. That's how long last week's Saugus High shooting spree lasted.  But active shooter training at schools take much more time to unfold. Now, some think this may not be as helpful as once thought.......Stents and even bypass heart surgeries have become routine procedures for people with clogged arteries, but new research suggest all of that may be unnecessary.......If you're a vegan and you order a veggie burger from a restaurant, do you have the right to expect that the veggie pattie won't come in contact with any meat?  A lawsuit says Burger King can't have it it's way when it comes to preparing its so-called impossible burger.......And it's electric, it's an SUV crossover, it's a Ford and it's a Mustang???