Trump administration's message to out of work Americans, facing a loss of enhanced unemployment benefits: "Find something new"

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Tuesday, July 14th
The extra $600-a-month in enhanced unemployment benefits that was approved by Congress during the early days of the pandemic will run out by the end of this month.  Funding in at least one of the Small Business Administration's grant programs has run out.  This comes as at least partial lockdowns are being reinstated in several states, businesses are being forced to close down again.......and the economic pain from this pandemic is far from over.

So how will the federal government help out?  The latest initiative from the Trump administration is called "Find Something New"..........they're suggesting you head out there and simply find yourself a new job or different career.

Adam Levitin is a professor of banking, finance & bankruptcy law at Georgetown Law School; he served as special counsel to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)