The tension of getting back to normal vs. continuing fear of the coronavirus -- Stages of a global pandemic......and we're still early in the process -- Closure of a key pork processing plant a warning sign of food supply strain

KNX In Depth
Monday, April 13th
As we enter the second month of our forced lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, a complicated tension is emerging:  a deep longing to return to visit with friends and return to offices, schools and restaurants.......versus a continuing fear of being infected and getting sick.

And it's that tension, more than President Trump or public officials, that will determine when and how things develop -- so we'll go In Depth.

That also  leads us to this question: if there are stages to a pandemic, where are we with this one? 

While early cases presented like they were an intense pneumonia, a lot of doctors are rethinking the way COVID-19 works within the body and how to treat it; were we doing things the wrong way?

And so far, food supplies in this country have remained uninterrupted.  But that could be changing, and the closure of a key meat processing plant in the Midwest is serving as a major warning sign.