The grim view from New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak -- Why can't U.S. corporations, who have enjoyed record profits, use some of them to avoid massive layoffs? -- Beware of coronavirus scams aplenty

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, March 24th
As President Trump calls for businesses to reopen and people to go back to work by Easter, the coronavirus outbreak shows no signs of slowing down. New York City is facing a sharp spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. The city has become ground zero for the pandemic in the United we'll take you there.

Here in California, coronavirus cases seem to be increasing at a slower rate but the numbers might not tell the whole story...and Governor Newsom is telling Californians to hunker down for what could be *two months* of sheltering in place.

And...back to the president, he keeps signaling that he's losing patience with the brakes on the economy.  Does it make sense to rush a country-wide quarantine?

As the closures of restaurants and retail shops stretch into the second week, the number of layoffs is growing proportions. Does it have to be this way? Could large corporations, which continue to enjoy record profits, pony up some cash to keep their workers paid through the crisis?

And coronavirus-themed scams...there are a lot of them.  We'll identify some of the big ones and tell you what to be on the lookout for.