The first of the month brings first harsh test of financial realities of the coronavirus era -- Could vitamin D be a tool to war off COVID-19? -- ER departments, especially at smaller hospitals, brace for overwhelming coronavirus patients

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Wednesday, April 1st
The first of the month is a stressful day for many Americans even under the best of circumstances; but today, April 1st, represents the first test of strained finances, as millions of people who have been laid off, furloughed or taken pay cuts due to the coronavirus outbreak have to pay rent, mortgages and bills.

Is there a way to prevent COVID-19 infections?  While there's no full proof -way ... but there are some pretty simple methods under investigation that could help boost your immunity.

Sophisticated emergency rooms in New York City quickly found themselves overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.......which could be a bad omen for ER departments at smaller hospitals in more rural areas.  Are they prepared for what's coming?

Turns out China's numbers -  about the extent of the coronavirus outbreak - do not add up.

And....the toilet paper shortage. We have all experienced this one.  We'll talk with one of the biggest paper producers in the country and press them on picking up the pace.