The coronavirus outbreak models are.....not very promising -- The great ventilator debate: Trump politicizes it, but why has it proven so difficult to get them built & distributed? -- Week 2 of the great national home schooling experiment

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Friday, March 27th
The models aren't pretty, they're variable and they still carry a lot of uncertainty---but, epidemiologists are attempting to map out the course of the coronavirus outbreak, when it will peak and when it might start to decline.  We're going to follow how one model plays out, but the main takeaway is this:  prepare to keep everything shut down for a while longer yet.

The tug of war over ventilators for hospitals to treat coronavirus patients has now become political, but at its heart it's a logistics question: how can complicated pieces of machinery be built quickly and deployed quickly?  We'll go In depth.

Supermarkets are pretty much the last place where masses of people can gather and as a result, they're now the focal point of major anxieties.  Are grocery stores breeding grounds for spreading coronavirus infections?

And why do shortages in so many key products continue, even as authorities insist there are no supply issues?

Finally we'll take a look at our great national home-schooling experiment:  how has remote learning gone for your kid, two weeks into this forced experiment?