Teachers say teaching, enforcing social distancing, mask wearing & cleaning classrooms isn't very realistic in a pandemic

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Thursday, July 9th
The debate over whether or not, and how, to reopen schools across the country in the Fall, as a pandemic continues to range, is being waged by the president of the United States, governors, cabinet secretaries and superintendents.  But what about the teachers?  They will, after all, be right in the line of fire..........being asked to teach, to enforce mask wearing and social distancing among students, all while at high risk of being infected with COVID-19.

And the teachers will have some say in whether they're called back to the classroom, after all they do have some pretty powerful unions on their sides.  And we're talking with one of them.....

Becky Pringle is a middle school science teacher..........she's also vice president of the National Education Association, the largest teachers union in the nation representing some 3-million educators.