Talking About Cars 180 - Barry Livingston (My Three Sons), "Hot Rod" Bob Beck (GAAS)

Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon
Thursday, January 23rd
(01-23-2020) - This week, Randy and "Hot Rod" Bob are back at "the Hollywood Show" talking to an actor many remember as a “Ernie Douglas” of "My Three Sons."    Barry Livingston played the youngest in the family and he was, in real life, the younger brother of Stanley Livingston, who played "Chip Douglas" on the show.     Barry runs down some of the cool cars cast members were able to drive on "MTS", a TV encounter with an old pick up truck that not only was a manual column shift (which he didn't know how to operate), but also had no brakes, which he found out, WHILE SHOOTING THE SCENE!     He also talks about selling an old '49 Oldsmobile and the unique way the buyer wanted to take it home with him.    Remember download the app and Subscribe!!