Talking About Cars 179 - John Kraman, Scott Hoke (Mecum-NBCSN), "Hot Rod" Bob Beck (GAAS)

Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon
Thursday, January 16th
(01-16-2020) - Just days after the '68 "Bullitt" Mustang sells for 3.74 million dollars, Randy and "Hot Rod" Bob talk with their pals, Mecum Auction broadcasters John Kraman and Scott Hoke giving them a chance to reflect on a wild week at Kissimmee.     John and Scott also give updates on other cars that sold, and others that didn't among the "Christine" 58 Plymouth, the "Eleanor" Mustang, the "Hemi-Under Glass", the "Little Red Wagon" clone and more!!    Please, LISTEN, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!