TAC 166 - Ron DeFore (author, son of actor Don Defore)

Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon
Thursday, October 17th
(10-17-2019) - Remember the introduction of the Mustang?   the original name of the EV-1?    Ozzie & Harriett?    Hazel?     Then you might remember actor Don DeFore, he played Thorny, Ozzie's neighbor, he was also "Mr. B" on Hazel.     His son, Ron has now written a new book "Growing up in Disneyland" which sheds light on his dad's BBQ restaurant in Frontierland, subbing for Walt Disney's grandchildren in a Christmas Parade, and....some really fun car stories as well.     I'm also joined by my pal, "Hot Rod" Bob Beck!    Please, LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE/RETWEET our podcast, and get the book at GrowingupinDisneyland.com!