TAC 140 - Ant Anstead (Wheeler Dealers), Tegan Hammond (Race Car & Stunt Driver), Bob Beck (GAAS)

(04-18-2019) - In TAC 140 we ask...what did you get for YOUR birthday?   We're guessing it's not on a scale of what "Wheeler Dealers" co-host Ant Anstead found on his driveway for HIS birthday!    Ant takes us to that moment of discover PLUS, New shows for him and Mike Brewer are ahead!   Then Bonneville Salt Flats driver Tegan Hammond on her trek to drive over 300 miles an hour, and still trail her mother in the family standings....PLUS her stunt driving adventures on the set of CBS' "Magnum PI"!

(NOTE - when we recorded the podcast, we did NOT know when the new season of WD would be returning, but since we’ve found out it airs on Wednesday nights on Motor Trend TV or anytime on their app.   Check your local listings to find out the time near you!)

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