TAC 117 - Mark Melvin (Playboys Pink AMX) Cecile Bukmeier (Custom car painter), Johnny Martinez (Wicked 29 Ford)

(07-05-2018) - Mark Melvin is the co-owner of a 1968 AMC AMX given to that year's "Playboy" "Playmate of the year" Angela Dorian.    He talks about how that car became "mythical" to the American Motors collectors hobby, how he found it, and how much it cost to bring that car from how he found it, to near original condition.    ALSO, Bob Beck of (GAAS) the Great American Auto Scene joined Randy to talk to Johnny Martinez and Canadian custom car painter Cecile Bukmeier from the Classic Auto Show in LA!   Don't forget, subscribe (it's free) to this podcast, share, comment, and if you are listening on iTunes....rate us 5 stars!!