Supreme Court clears path to sue gun makers--then hears DACA case w/700,000+ Dreamers hanging in the, Disney Plus stumbles out of the gate

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, November 12th
All eyes and ears were focused on the US Supreme Court today.

In one case---hanging in the balance---the lives of some 700 thousand people often referred to as the Dreamers. Those raised, living and working here in the U.S., but not born here.  We'll go In Depth on the great DACA debate, a debate the court's conservatives seem to be backing President Trump on......Also, the high court is allowing victims of the Sandy Hook shootings to sue Remington, the gun manufacturer. Can this be a game changer against the gun industry?......The mouse that was supposed to have roared more or less squeaked. We'll go In Depth on why the much anticipated ---even feared---Disney Plus streaming service got off to a Goofy start......And domestic terrorism is now listed as the chief threat to security in the U.S. by the FBI and Homeland Security.  Is there security to be found in an insecure world? We welcome security expert Paul Viollis, in studio on In Depth.