Steve Carlson

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, June 4th
Feeding the front lines during the pandemic.

Our KNX Hero of the Week is bringing joy and encouragement to nurses and doctors all over Southern California, one fresh meal at a time.

An opportunity arose to help keep food trucks in business, while providing comfort to healthcare workers. So, Steve Carlson called up some of his friends.

"There was an opportunity where the community can contribute, and I can bring together trucks," explains Steve,"[We] pay them to deliver the meals free to the hospital workers, and the hospital workers on the frontlines have free, hot meals made fresh on site. It just became a ‘win-win’ situation for everybody!"

Steve is the CEO and founder of Food Smackdown, an organization that focuses on large event catering. It often involves local food trucks.

When the pandemic hit Southern California, Steve combined his resources and developed Feed the Frontlines OC. Over the past two months, the program has raised nearly $9000, feeding more than 450 healthcare workers on roughly a dozen visits around Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

"It just lifts their spirits up," says Steve. "Hearing that over and over again, is just absolutely amazing."

KNX 1070 NEWS Handout
KNX 1070 NEWS Handout

One of the visits was to St. Joe's in Orange. Amy Daugherty is the hospital's Chief Philanthropy Officer.

"People don't realize that the caregivers aren't just facing the COVID-19 battle, they are facing the lack of visitors," explains Daugherty. "They are being taxed to help do things that family members would do."

She says Steve is feeding the soul of so many people. "He's keeping people in business, he's creating relationships within these communities. He's just been a hero for our hospital."

Spreading hope one tasty bite at a time, while helping food trucks stay in business. Steve Carlson is our KNX Hero of the Week!

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