State vs. state desperate competition to acquire ventilators -- Jane Fonda takes her climate change protest online, draws comparisons to coronavirus response -- California's surgeon general reminds us to take care of ourselves!

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, March 31st
The frantic search for ventilators has turned into something of a free for all as states compete with each other -- and FEMA -- to get as many as possible to treat critical coronavirus cases.  Why are ventilators in such short supply and could the buying process be much better organized?  

Coronavirus is starting to take a heavy toll on the  New York Police Department, with upwards of 12-percent of the force calling in sick every day.  If infections start to hit the LAPD hard, the effects for Los Angeles could be devastating.  We'll ask the LAPD officers union chief about preparing for the worst.

California's surgeon general has a reminder for the millions of people across the country trapped inside for weeks and highly fearful of the  outbreak: don't forget to keep taking care of yourself, take care of any preexisting medical conditions... and keep an eye on your stress level.  We'll talk with the state's first surgeon general about staying safe, and sane, in the midst of a pandemic.

And Jane Fonda.......veteran actress, Hollywood icon and long-time political activist ... isn't going to get coronavirus stop her climate change activism.  We talk with her about moving the weekly climate change protests into the virtual world.....and she gives some tips for staying fit in quarantine.