Special edition of In Depth: the Coronavirus outbreak, assessing the danger, gauging our preparedness and clearing up misinformation

KNX In Depth
Thursday, February 13th
The outbreak of coronavirus was supposed to be slowing down by now; instead, this morning we awoke to news that China had increased its figures to nearly 60,000 people infected and almost 1,400 deaths attributed to coronavirus.  Japan announced its first death from coronavirus.  And as more people were pulled from cruise ships around the world and put into quarantine, there are two fresh cases of coronavirus reported in San Diego.

Far from being an outbreak in remission, the coronavirus continues its global march. And today on In Depth, we are dedicated the full hour to giving you facts about the outbreak, clear up misconceptions and hopefully increase your senses of both awareness and calm over coronavirus.

And we're going to answer some practical questions to, like are face masks and hand sanitizer gels really effective in protecting you?  Is coronavirus worse than the flu? And if you develop a bad cough, how concerned should you be?