Schiff on the start of the Senate impeachment trial of Trump--What did a bitter trade war with China get us--Hottest decade, ever--And, what is considered rock 'n' roll?

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Wednesday, January 15th
Finally the next phase of the impeachment of President Trump has arrived:  it's onto the Senate, with the articles of impeachment formally transmitted, prosecutors and the Trump defense named, battle lines drawn.  Will new evidence and witnesses be allowed?  Will it be a real trial, or simply a quick acquittal for the President?

The President was tooting his own horn at the White House today over the signing of a trade deal with China, but how much of a "deal" is this really?

The past decade has been the hottest 10-year-period on the planet in recorded history--and the news gets even grimmer from there.  We talk with a NASA scientist about our record hot decade and how the climate change horse is firmly out of the barn.

Vladimir Putin did some self-serving reshuffling of the Russian government today--will he ever give up power?

And this year's inductees into the Rock 'n Roll hall of fame further the debate:  just what is considered rock 'n roll?  Whitney Houston, who was voted into the hall of fame this year, is a pop icon........but is she rock 'n roll?