Rudy Giuliani associates charged... Millennials falls for scams... others are watching your Cloud Cams..and the Dodgers sing the October blues again

KNX In Depth
Thursday, October 10th
Those digging deep into impeachment might now have a big break in their case against President Trump. Two businessmen tied to efforts by the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuiliani, to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son have been charged with campaign finance violations here in the U.S. Is this a big step in the case? Are investigators starting to close in on President Trump's inner circle? 

A younger generation is falling victim to scams. Millennials are being targeted by online thieves.

October is the time for leaves to change and the weather to cool. While we're trying to fight off gusty winds, others across the country are preparing for possible snowstorms already. Is this wild and unpredictable weather something we'll just have to get used to? 

Cloud Cams are meant to keep a close watch on your home in case of burglars but a new report says you might not be the only one watching your home through the new high-tech gadget.

The Dodgers blow it again. This time they fell in the divisional round to the Washington Nationals in five games. The Dodgers let a 3-0 lead slip away and lost 7-3 last night. Will the Blue Crew ever win another World Series?