Root canal....waterboarding.....waiting for an Uber or Lyft at LAX--will a new plan improve that? And is there a point to the dark violence in the "Joker" movie?

KNX In Depth
Friday, October 4th
LAX often tops the list of least favorite airports, for a whole host of reasons. Especially the traffic encountered going in and out of the airport.  Because of that traffic congestion, LAX will soon prohibit all curbside pickups by Uber, Lyft and even taxi cabs.  Airport officials think they have come up with a good work-around----but some passengers are already voicing concern this will only make LAX an even worse experience than some think it now is. So, we will go In Depth.

Also, a homeless woman recorded anonymously singing opera in an LA metro station may soon be on the way to a professional singing, we will go In Depth on that.

And the controversial Joker movie is now on the big screen. Some critics say it's dangerous. Other say it's just not that good a movie. We'll talk with a critics.