Roger Stone is going to jail, unless someone intervenes.....--Should mentally ill homeless people be forced into psychiatric care?--USC offers deal too good to be true to lower income students

KNX In Depth
Thursday, February 20th
Roger Stone, flamboyant friend and adviser to President Trump, was sentenced to 3-years and 4-months in prison for lying to Congress and intimidating witnesses.  But there's a pretty fair chance that Stone won't serve a single day of that sentence.

Having a run in on the streets of Los Angeles with a person suffering from some sort of mental illness is not uncommon; and now California's governor wants to make it easier to force people with mental illness into psychiatric treatment.  About time, or a violation of individual rights? 

USC is going to open its doors to many more low income students, offering up free tuition to families making less than 80-thousand-dollars-a-year, as the Trojans try to move past several years worth of controversies.

Emergency communications in California have a checkered track record:  we've had issues with evacuation notices, with 911 centers and with keeping cell phones powered up in the middle of natural disasters.  Congress is attempting to fix that, we'll ask a FCC commissioner about the effort.

And Michael Bloomberg gets a cruel introduction to the Democratic debate stage.