Piling stress on top of anxieties on top of fears on top of cabin fever....mental health in the coronavirus era -- If there's no food shortage, why are the grocery stores still striped bare? -- How was the first week of "remote learning" for milli...

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Friday, March 20th
If your anxieties haven't already gone through the roof over this past week - with most of society shutting down to slow the spread of the coronavirus - an order to shelter in place could be the icing on the cake.  We're piling anxieties on top of stress on top of fear on top of cabin fever.  How are you coping? 

Once again, President Trump gave a rosy view of an antimalarial drug being used to treat COVID-19; and once again his own scientific advisors shot down the likelihood that there's a miracle treatment.  So if you get coronavirus, how will it be treated? 

If your local supermarket was slowly getting back up to regular stock levels, yesterday's "safer at home" order probably caused another run.........and shelves may be empty again.  If authorities promise we don't have a food supply shortage in this country, then what's going on?  

A group of Senators made some extremely conveniently timed stock sales very early on in the outbreak, that have ethics watchdogs crying foul.

And how's the first week of remote learning gone for millions of California students sent home because of coronavirus?  We'll ask the state superintendent of education.