Peter Persoon

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, February 20th
Every day at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, dozens of homeless women are offered shelter and support as they work to get back on their feet. 

Our KNX Hero of the Week recently honored those residents, encouraging them with a special, long-lasting gift on Valentine's Day. 

The holidays can be tough, especially for those struggling financially, those who have dealt with misfortune, the loss of family or friends, or even the loss of their home. On days like Valentine's Day, a simple rose can make all the difference. 

"These women go through tough times," says Peter Persoon, of Natural Fragrance Roses. "Nobody chooses to go to a women's shelter. And, they need some extra support." 

KNX 1070 handout
KNX 1070 handout

So, Peter decided to make things a little brighter for the women this past holiday.

Peter owns Natural Fragrance Roses, a flower company based out of Carpinteria. His roses are special; they can sustain their bloom and unique fragrance for months.

"Everything that the flower needs is in its little vase," explains Peter, "and they can stay fresh, safely we can say, for four months!" 

The unique roses are often used as an air freshener. They have a low carbon footprint, and require zero maintenance. And, on Valentine's Day, what better way to pick-up spirits, than with the gift of a long-lasting rose. 

"Why not just give something away, spread some love," says Peter.

Holly Hight is one of the directors at the Downtown Women's Center, which serves and empowers those who have, or are currently experiencing homelessness. Nearly fifty women were surprised last week, with one of Peter's unique roses. 

"It's just been amazing to see the joy on their faces," says Hight. "It was a pleasure for them to have something that's going to last for so long." 

"Homelessness is a major challenge here in Los Angeles, so we're really pleased to have the flowers, for celebrating the holiday," says Hight. 

KNX 1070 handout
KNX 1070 handout

KNX 1070 handout
KNX 1070 handout

A woman named Dolores was one of the recipients. "You feel special when you get a flower. Like, someone [is] thinking of you. It makes you special." 

Sharing light and love to women conquering the challenges of homelessness, we are honoring Peter Persoon as our KNX Hero of the Week! 

KNX Heroes is presented by California Resources Corporation, saluting our military veterans, and all of our heroes!

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