Oscars still so white, in spite of years of pressure for changes--it's old vs. new Hollywood in Oscar noms, with Netflix in the lead--Iranians protesting in the streets, but they aren't chanting "Death to America"

KNX In Depth
Monday, January 13th
Years of activism.  Years of promises. And yet, not much seems to have changed in Hollywood--at least when it comes to the Academy Awards.   This year's major nominations----very white and very male. 

And, it's old vs. new Hollywood----old fashioned theatrical releases vs. streaming----pitting one against another and today's Oscar nominations show that war all to well.

Speaking of white and male, Cory Booker exiting the Democratic primary race leaves the leading candidates very white, and mostly male--what happened to the once promising campaign of the New Jersey senator?

Iranians are taking to the streets by the thousands, but they're not shouting "death to America"--instead they're expressing anger at their own regime after it admitted to shooting down a civilian airliner last week by mistake.   We'll get to the complex roots of a changing Iranian society.

And Harry and Meghan will mostly get their wishes to divorce themselves from the British Royal Family.......we'll take a look at how "Megxit" could reshape the future of the royals.