Ohio's Sen. Sherrod Brown talks impeachment & Senate history.....Mike Murphy talks bad election results for the GOP.....Humane Society talks new national animal abuse law

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Wednesday, November 6th
Consider it a warning shot across the bow of Donald Trump and the Republican Party---In spite of aggressive campaigning by the President for the Republican governor of Kentucky, it appears that the Democrat will squeeze out a very narrow victory in what is a very red state......A unanimous vote in the U.S. Senate these days is about as rare as a unicorn dancing up the stairs of the Capitol--and yet it actually happened, when the Senate approved the first federal criminal standards for animal abuse......Leaked documents show Facebook wasn't shy about using the tremendous power of its users' personal data as leverage over companies that did business with Facebook......Within a matter of weeks, U.S. senators are about to play the roles of jurors in the likely impeachment trial of President Trump.  We talk with Ohio's Democratic Senator, Sherrod Brown.  He's also author of the new book "Desk 88," which profiles several history-changing senators.