Nichol Whiteman

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, August 8th
Changing young people's lives in Southern California one pitch at a time. Our KNX Hero of the Week is using America's favorite past-time to help shape a community. 

For the past six years, Nichol Whiteman has led the Dodgers Foundation. It's been quite the task for Whiteman, who was handed a heavy plate to fill, after the changing of leadership. 

"I was given a foundation with a new name and a new logo, and [was] essentially asked to rebuild and re-brand it," says Whiteman. 

Since she's been there, Whiteman has increased fundraising efforts at massive proportions. She's also helped launch a youth baseball and softball development program which serves around 11,000 kids.

This past June, Whiteman helped unveil the 51st Dodgers Dream Field, in Fontana. This one, in particular, is a special field that's "universally accessible."

"It's a field we built for youth, specifically, with special needs and physical disabilities," explains Whiteman. 

"They are safe places, where youth and families are building community, and enjoying recreational activity."

Whiteman says she's driven each day by a deep-seeded need to help others. And, she relates to the kids, through some of her own experiences. 

"You know what... I see myself every single day in the people that we serve," says Whiteman. "That's enough to get out of bed every day and honestly race here, to get the job done."

Acquanetta Warren is the Mayor of Fontana and she says Whiteman's drive to help young people in Southern California is unparalleled.

"She is my hero, and our community's hero," says Warren, "because she did such great work [with the Dodger's Dream Field in Fontana]. When they talk about the most valuable player, most valuable person... it's Nichol!" 

We are recognizing Nichol Whiteman's dedication to serve her community through the Dodgers Foundation by naming her our KNX Hero of Week!  

KNX Heroes is presented by California Resources Corporation, which salutes our military veterans, and all of our heroes.  

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Heather Jordan, KNX 1070 News Radio.