Nhandi Craig

KNX Hero of the Week
Friday, February 28th
It's estimated that more than three million young people in the United States identify as LGBTQ. And, that community is growing rapidly. 

Our KNX Hero of the Week is a student from Marina Del Rey, who's inspiring those young people to live authentically and be confident in the skin they're in. ​

Nhandi Craig

At just seventeen years old, Nhandi Craig is making a name for herself. Not just around Southern California, but around the nation. The Culver City High School student was recently named as one of thirteen youth ambassadors for the national Human Rights Campaign Foundation. 

Nhandi is now raising awareness about the most pressing concerns facing young people in the LGBTQ community. 

"This is actually one of the very first steps for my activism in the gay community," says Nhandi. "In fact, I haven't even been out, until I [was] announced as an HRCF ambassador. So, this has been a perfect opportunity for me to get my hands dirty."

"It's really great."

Nhandi Craig

The teenager recently spoke at the seventh annual "Time to THRIVE Conference" in Washington D.C., where she addressed things like mental wellness and suicide. 

"Even if I'm saving just one life, it absolutely means the world to me," says Nhandi, "knowing that someone is inspired, and more able to be themselves, and to speak out." 

When she was just eleven, Nhandi created her middle school’s first LGBTQ student organization. She has continued her push to motivate and inspire others, working as a young music DJ and producer. She now hosts special events, while spreading her message with some of Hollywood's biggest names. Because of her work, she's been honored with Culver City's American Citizenship Award.

"I'm so grateful for the experience," says Nhandi, "and the opportunity." 

Nhandi's mother says she is extremely proud of her young, courageous daughter.

"She can finally, publicly, live in her authentic self, along with being a voice for so many like her," says Ellen Craig, who also works as Nhandi's manager. "She has really inspired me."

She's also inspiring millions of others. Seventeen-year-old Nhandi Craig is our KNX Hero of the Week! 

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For more information about HRCF's Time to THRIVE event, go to http://timetothrive.org/

Nhandi Craig