Mottek On Money (Weekend of May 29th, 2020)

Mottek On Money
Friday, May 29th
Stocks post a mixed finish to a winning month of May in the face of more tough news on the main street economy which is slowing reopening following the coronavirus shutdowns. Analysis from Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz, former PIMCO CEO in Newport Beach, Kevin O'Leary, a.k.a. Mr. Wonderful on TV's Shark Tank, Chairman, O'Leary Financial Group, O'Shares ETF's, L.A. based economist Dr. Robert Kleinhenz, Principal, Kleinhenz Economics. Celebrity hair stylist Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills reacts to the state allowing hair salons to reopen in Los Angeles county with new health safety protocols and explains how his famous salon is going above and beyond the basic requirements.