Mottek On Money (Weekend of July 10th, 2020)

Tech stocks wrap up the week with a record shattering rally with big names including Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Netflix and Tesla all settling at record highs. The Dow closed up 369 points on reports of more positive early results of an experimental covid treatment as the number of covid cases continue an alarming rise in California and most other states. Gold hovers near a nine year high. Analysis of the markets and the economy from Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz, former PIMCO CEO in Newport Beach and Kevin O'Leary, a.k.a. Mr Wonderful on TV's Shark Tank, Chairman, O'Leary Financial and O'Share's ETF's. Jeff Lazerson, President, Mortgage Grader discusses mortgage rates hitting new lows and Corelogic's prediction that home prices will be coming down by next year for the first time in nearly a decade.