Mottek On Money Special Edition (Wednesday, April 8th, 2020)

Mottek On Money
Wednesday, April 8th
Mottek On Money Special Edition - Coronavirus Crisis Bear Market: Stocks rally on the latest hopes the coronavirus pandemic is easing. The death toll hits new highs and the economic damage on main street continues. Financial markets now brace for the latest report on jobless claims due out Thursday morning. Market analysis from Michael Farr, President and CEO of wealth management firm Farr, Miller & Washington and CNBC contributor. Silicon Beach becomes Silicon stay-home as tech entrepreneurs are hit hard by the current crisis. An update from Josh Berman, co-founder of venture capital firm Troy Capital and co-founder of fintech company Quid which is providing liquidity to pre-IPO shareholders. Tough times in the restaurant business. A conversation with Jacqueline Canter, family owner of L.A's iconic Canter's Deli in the Fairfax district experiencing a Passover unlike any other in the restaurant's 89 year history.