Mottek On Money Special Edition (Tuesday, July 7th, 2020)

Mottek On Money Special Edition covering Wall Street and Main Street: New coronavirus concerns send stocks sliding after a five session run up led by the big tech names. The Nasdaq touched another record high during the trading day on news a record 6.5M people either found jobs or were rehired in May following the coronavirus lockdowns. The rally fizzled on the latest assessments of the economy from Fed officials including San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly who said the unemployment rate underestimates the damage done by the coroanvirus crisis. Tesla stock moves above $1400 for the first time and closes at a new high. Gold hit a nine year high above $1800. The Dow slipped 396. The Nasdaq closed down 90 points from its all time high. Market analysis from Jim Hausberg, Managing Director, HighTower Advisors in Los Angeles. While the cruise industry remains on pause, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean have announced the formation of a panel of health safety experts to guide the resumption of cruises. The latest discussed with cruise industry expert The Cruise Guy Stewart Chiron, President,