Mottek On Money Special Edition (Tuesday, April 7th, 2020)

Mottek On Money
Tuesday, April 7th
Mottek On Money Special Edition - Coronavirus Crisis Bear Market: Stocks rally on optimism the coronavirus catastrophe is showing possible signs of easing in some areas of the world. The Dow shot up 937 a day after posting a closing gain of 1,627 points but the rally fizzled out. The Dow came in for a closing loss of 26 points. It was another volatile day in the oil markets too with oil plunging 9.4% back to $23.63. Gold came off a seven year high, back to $1,683.70/oz. The latest on the markets and the economy discussed with Art Hogan, Chief Market Strategist, National Securities and Economist Kevin Klowden, Executive Director of the Milken Institute's Center for Regional Economics and California Center.