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Mottek On Money Special Edition (Thursday, July 30th, 2020)

Mottek On Money with Frank Mottek
Thursday, July 30th
Mottek On Money Special Edition covering Wall Street and Main Street during the coronavirus crisis: Big news after the closing bell on Wall Street with Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet Google out with earnings news which exceeded analysts expectations. Apple stock moves to new highs after hours above $400/share. The company announces a 4 for 1 stock split. This after a mixed finish for stocks on the latest tough news on the main street economy including a record contraction for the economy in 2nd quarter, GDP plunged 32.9%, weekly jobless claims moved up for the 2nd straight week, to 1.43 million. Gold slipped from a record high settling to $1942.30/oz. Another restaurant chain, California Pizza Kitchen, files for bankruptcy. Analysis on the markets and the economy from Art Hogan, Chief Market Strategist, National Securities, Economist Dr. Robert Kleinhenz, Principal, Kleinhenz Economics in Los Angeles and Economist Kevin Klowden, Executive Director of the Milken Institute's Center for Regional Economics and California Center.