Mottek On Money Special Edition (March 24th, 2020)

Mottek On Money with Frank Mottek
Tuesday, March 24th
Mottek On Money Special Edition - Coronavirus Crisis Bear Market: Stocks roar back on hope a massive 2 trillion dollar coronavirus rescue package is close to passage in congress. The Dow closes UP 2,113 points to settle at 20,705, its biggest one day point gain in market history and the biggest percentage gain (+11.4%) since 1933. Extended market coverage with guests: Kevin O'Leary, "Mr. Wonderful" on TV's Shark Tank, founder of O'Leary Financial Group, O Shares ETF's. Gabriel Wisdom, President, American Money Management and author of Wisdom on Value Investing. Todd Johnson, CEO, Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce on supporting local restaurants during the Great American Takeout Day today during the coronavirus national emergency.