Mottek On Money (December 28th, 2019)

Mottek On Money
Saturday, December 28th
Here comes Santa Claus... Big year end rally continues sending stocks to record highs and the SP 500 within reach of its best year since 1997. A look back at the market's impressive 2019 performance and a look ahead at how the market is setting up for 2020 with Bryan Perry, editor, Bryan Perry Investing and author of the 25% Cash Machine. Mortgage rates head into the new year near historic lows. New California labor laws are set to kick in at the start of 2020 including AB5 which extends employee classification to workers in the gig economy previously classified as independent contractors. Labor law attorney Thomas Lenz, partner, Atkinson, Andelson law firm explains what workers and employers need to know. Teamsters Union Local 952 Secretary Treasurer Patrick D. Kelly discusses AB5 and the outlook on labor issues heading into 2020. Happy New Year!