Mottek On Money (June 22nd, 2019)

Mottek On Money
Saturday, June 22nd
Stocks rack up the best June gains since 1938 with both the Dow and SP500 touching record highs. Oil surges to a weekly gain of 9.2% as the US and Iran face off in the Persian Gulf. The Fed holds the line on short term interest rates but signals a willingness to lower rates in the face of a slowing global economy. LA Biz Fed releases its latest survey on the biggest concerns for L.A. businesses. The first LA Sports Summit is set to begin with an assessment of the economic impact of sports on L.A. A major gift from the family of a TV studio pioneer John H. Mitchell is aimed at educating future leaders in the entertainment industry. The LA Lawyers Philharmonic celebrates 10 years of the L.A. legal profession making beautiful music together and plans on special performances including one with the "Violins of Hope."