Michelle Davis

KNX Hero of the Week
Friday, January 24th
It's estimated that over a million teenagers in the United States live with a disability. 

Our KNX Hero of the Week spends her day helping some of those teens in Los Angeles County thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

Sports. Cheerleading. ROTC. It doesn't matter to Reseda High School special education teacher, Michelle Davis. If a student wants to take part in an activity, Michelle does what she can to make it happen. 

KNX 1070 Handout
KNX 1070 Handout

"I do academics," explains Michelle, "but really I'm helping them become social members of our community, and encouraging them to engage and be a part of everything." 

That includes being a member of the track team, like one former student who has autism and is blind. 

"We actually had a guide-runner who would run along side him," says Michelle, describing how the student was able to participate in meets. "The first time he ever long-jumped, it was amazing! His favorite part was reaching down and touching the sand at the end of it." 

Michelle also helped another student join the high school football cheer team. "It was really fun, and really great, and now she's cheering basketball!"

KNX 1070 Handout
KNX 1070 Handout

KNX 1070 Handout
KNX 1070 Handout

Judy Farash says she nominated her daughter to be a KNX Hero of the Week because of her patience and passion to help her students. 

"They're just so proud of what they're accomplishing!" says Judy. "I just wish there were more people who had the passion [like Michelle does] in education." 

The former Girl Scout also has a love of music. Michelle runs a club that teaches sign language, using songs. 

"It includes both general ed and special ed students, together," says Michelle. "We perform at school events, on field trips. It's really fun, and my kids absolutely love it." 

Michelle Davis is our KNX Hero of the Week, because of her dedication to help students with special needs thrive in the world around them.

"I love them," raves Michelle. "I can see that they're getting a lot out of it, and it's what makes it all worth it." 

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